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Cliff grew up in the Intermountain West and now calls Utah his home.  He has worked with horses his entire life and began specializing in mustangs around 1999.  He enjoy’s the diversity and challenge of the mustang and feels they are often misunderstood.  He has studied various natural horsemanship techniques and uses many of them in his day to day work at Flying T Acres in Erda, UT.  He still prefers the work of John Sharp and his pole gentling technique as a safe way to begin the gentling process for both handler and horse.

Cliff has ridden and studied under Ray Hunt and Jim Hicks.  He returns often to continue learning all they have to offer.

Cliff has been invited by the BLM to do gentling demonstrations across the states of Utah, Arizona & Nevada.  He along with his wife Janet, were also leads for the 2002 Olympic Wild Horse & Burro project.  Details can be found at:

Cliff had the honor of participating in the 2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover put on by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and placed 17th overall, but came away with the best prize of all.  He was able to bring his horse Hercules home to stay and continue his training.

He also also continues to participate as a clinician at the annual Wild Horse Festival of Learning in Utah and looks forward to the progression of both horses and students.

Cliff Tipton

Janet Tipton

Janet grew up on a small farm in a northeastern Utah farming community and so was able to realize her deep love and passion for horses at a very early age. 

She married right out of high school and began a family shortly thereafter.  Her young family moved to the Salt Lake area a year later so she had to leave her horse with her dad and move on into the business world. But there always seemed to be something missing and only seeing her horse a couple of times a year when she visited her dad was just not enough to fill that hole.  Janet began to drive carriages in down town Salt Lake for Carriage for Hire in the summer of 1993 to help fill that void.

As her marriage deteriorated she once again turned to horses to help her get through the process. Then she met and married her best friend and love of her life, Cliff, in 1996.   Together they have begun a life journey in pursuit of helping others gain a better understanding of the need for humans’ partnership with horses and how to obtain that.

Janet adopted her first mustang, Ladybug, in April of 1999 and was hooked on the mustang for ever more.  She soon discovered however that there weren’t a lot of resources available to adopters who ran into problems or just needed a little encouragement.  Through internet research she found LRTC (Least Resistance Training Concepts) and got heavily involved with the organization for a number of years.  It was through this organization that the Tipton’s got involved in the BLM/LRTC Olympic Wild Horse & Burro project and became the leads for the Utah team. 

In 2003 the couple founded IWHBA (Intermountain Wild Horse & Burro Advisors and Utah 501(c)3 corporation) and opened the Erda Learning Center.  Over the years the organization have gentled, trained and placed over 300 mustangs and burros.  Janet also co-founded the Aces Wild (an all mustang drill team) that travels all over the state of Utah performing and participating in parades.

The promotion of mustangs and education of adopters has become an intregal part of the Tipton’s life.  Ladybug and Janet are also pursuing a career in endurance riding together and have over 6,000 career miles as of the end of the 2016 season and completed rides in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NE, NM, NV, OR, ND, SD, UT, WA & WY.  The team loves to get out there, explore the trail together and talk to anybody who will listen about mustangs.

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