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"I contacted Cliff about working with my six year old adopted Mustang mare after I could not gain her confidence. Cliff and I sat down and went over a training program designed to train my horse to the point of being able to ride her. We discussed some goals and agreed to review the progress monthly. Cliff did a beautiful job with my mare. Each time I visited his training facility it was evident that progress was being made. In the third and final month of training, Cliff had me work with my horse in all the aspects of training he had worked with her on. I am very pleased with the results. I can pick up her feet, brush, halter, lead, bridle, saddle, and ride her. Cliff also provided me with some ideas to continue her training. Cliff gets results and I highly recommend him as a trainer."

-Larry Turner—Grantsville, UT

"On December 17, 2007, I adopted a Mustang from the BLM Facility in Herriman, Utah. For months I boarded her at a farm in Lehi, Utah. This is my first horse and I was basically unsure of what I should do and how I should train her.

Reading and watching self-help videos were of little help and I found myself feeling very lost and in desperate need of help with my horse! I got on the internet and looked up "Help with Wild Mustang in Utah". That is where I saw Cliff Tipton's name and a brief description of what he does.

Shortly there after I began boarding my horse at the Tipton's ranch. The moment we unloaded my horse from the trailer and put her in her stall, I knew I had made the best decision!

My horse has been at Flying T Acres since March of 2008 and although I could board her closer to my home, I wouldn't even dream of it. Now I see that my horse is happy and feels safe, and that is the most important thing for me.

I take lessons from Cliff on gentling her, and that does best describe how Cliff works with every horse he comes in contact with. I have never heard him raise his voice or do anything inhumane to the horses. It seems to me that he works with the ethics of trust, respect, and communication. I see that in every horse that he works with, as they are so willing to do whatever he asks of them.

Since taking lessons with Cliff I am much more confident in what I do with my horse. Cliff has taught me how to keep her attention and earn her trust in what I ask of her. We have concentrated on ground work, preparing her for saddle and riding. We have worked on such areas as her space and my space, bending, ground driving, sending her into areas such as trailer loading, in the stall and in the round pen. Cliff also provides Bomb Proofing and Obstacle Course training.

At the Tipton's Ranch, all of the horses are closely watched and cared for. All of the horses always have ample food, water, and personal attention. All of the stalls are clean and in good repair. If there is a specific need or concern with a horse, Cliff will promptly notify the owner.

I wouldn't dream of boarding or training my horse with anyone else!"

-Cynthia Hogan—West Jordan, UT

Cliff is an awesome horse trainer, he mostly works with wild mustangs.  He has done an awesome job with our 8 year old mustang.  We were told by other trainers that she could not be broke or trained, but within a weeks time he had a halter on her and trimmed her feet, and within a month he had a saddle on her and leading her around.

We are so impressed with his training.  He had it where we could walk up to her and give her lovings, even our 10 year old daughter could also walk up to her.

And now he has our 5 year old mustang for training along with the 8 year old.

We highly recommend Cliff Tipton as an excellent mustang trainer or domestic horses that have issues and need work.

Myself and my wife would like to say, Cliff Tipton is an awesome trainer and person and so is his wife Janet.


Perry & Ronda Gertsch

Wright, WY

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This is me and my horse 'Rockstar'.  His name used to be Rocket, as in Rocket rides, Rocket ship, Rocket Man!  I have owned him for 11 years and until this past summer, that is what all my rides felt like.

I was driving home one day and next to me was a truck with the Flying T Acres insignia on it and the saying; "Specializing in Wild and Domestic Horses."  I thought to myself, 'I have a wild domestic horse!'  I contacted Cliff to see if he could help me and the rest is a dream come true.  I told him my horse was crazy one day and a lap dog the next.  I did not have a good seat on him and was basically afraid of him when in the saddle.  From the first session with Cliff, I knew I was going to work with him until I got this right.  First off, we went over his tack and correct fit, maybe some of that was bothering him.  Then, we tried a more sublte bit.  Then we worked on me!  I knew I must have been 80 - 90% of the problem.  I had no confidence in myself, thus my horse had no confidence in me.  This is all basic horse and rider training.  The BIG difference to me is that Cliff cared about me and my relationship with my horse.  He could tell I really wanted to ride this horse and he made it happen.  I understand what he is telling me, now my horse understands what I am telling him and vice versa.  I've spent a lot of time with Cliff and some with Janet.  They are truly horse people.  They care about the animals and the rider and have an enormous amount of patience and humility with me and everyone else I have seen them working with.   The clinics they hold are a great exercise for novice and veteran.  The time we have spent riding together has been a bit of heaven.  I've turned into a more confident rider and my horse listens to me and looks for direction from me.  I used to just hang on for dear life and hope I came home in one piece.!  You CANNOT go wrong going to the Tiptons for riding and  horsemanship advice. 

Oh, and I plan to ride and work with them for an indefinite amount of time,  even if I think I'm getting it right.  I hope to be friends and a riding companion with the Tiptons for a long time.  We have fun, that's the most important part of all this!

Diane Hernandez                                                                                     Erda, UT

Dear Cliff,

I want to personally thank you for the excellent care and training that you have provided for my horses, Bliss and Sienna.  When I adopted Bliss as a flighty, scared colt, you taught me natural methods to gentle him. I moved him to another location, closer to home, and made the tragic mistake of having another trainer work with him.  At some point, he began rearing and charging me. Bliss had been in training for 45 days and was injured two times; one time I observed him being whipped while he was tied to a fence.  After this disgusting experience, I moved him back to your facility. You suggested that we just let him be a horse for a few months.  After a few months, he settled down and started to enjoy the company of humans.

In January 2008, you began training Bliss using a gentle method of natural horsemanship. Cliff, you have an excellent knowledge of horses and understand them and they understand what you ask them to do. You have patience and are constantly seeking to gain knowledge to enhance your skills.

Today, I have a four-year-old colt that I can ride and is so gentle that a small child can approach, pet and ride. 

Sienna, my 18-year-old mare, has also benefited from your training, mentoring and advice. She has a few bad habits that we are working on and I appreciate your help and guidance with her.

Bliss and Sienna are the great loves of my live and I trust you and Janet with their health and welfare… you provide excellent care for them both.  I would heartily recommend you as a competent, trustworthy horse trainer and boarding facility.

If a prospective client would like to speak with me, I would be happy to take their
phone call.


Noel K. Cameron—Bountiful, UT

Over the years I kept hearing from Bev Gray of Kamas, Utah, (long time FEI USA Endurance Team member) about her amazing trainer, Cliff Tipton. Cliff is located far from my home in Northern California so when training needs arose with various horses I used a variety of “trainers” from California to Oregon.  Without exception I was extremely disappointed with the results.


Last fall I purchased a 6 year old unstarted Arab gelding, Moun Warrior, in Texas and attempted to have my TX trainer start him.  She called within a few days and said he was a bucker, she wouldn’t get on him, and it was going to take months for her to get him started.


While venting my woes to Bev she suggested I should try Cliff.  Moun Warrior arrived at Cliff’s mid-September and within a couple of days Cliff sent me pictures of Moun saddled up, deer hide on his back, walking through obstacles totally unfazed. The change was dramatic to say the least!


I have had many trainers over the 40+ years I have been involved with horses and not one can come close to Cliff’s abilities. The change in Moun Warrior from no trust and bucking to a gentle but spirited horse eager to work in such a short time is nothing short of amazing!


Cliff was in contact with me every few days via text and phone calls and sent pictures and videos every week of Moun Warrior’s progress.  Moun Warrior was finished with his training within a few months and ready to come to California but I was on the fence on whether to keep him on or not.  A longtime friend of Bev’s,  85 years old Dick Dawson, an endurance legend, fell in love with Moun Warrior and bought him site unseen after looking at Cliff’s videos of Moun.  When Dick picked Moun up he and his wife raved about what a nice horse Moun was and how excited they were to have this special horse to continue Dick’s Tevis and endurance goals.   They also commented on the outstanding training job Cliff had done with Moun.


I have many holes in my horsemanship abilities and look forward to working with Cliff in the very near future one-on-on-one.  I also plan to send all of our retired Arabian race horses to Cliff to be restarted for new careers in endurance riding.


If you are looking for a trainer to give an excellent foundation to your horse and/or rider, you can’t go wrong with Cliff.


Lynn Bennett

Favoritt Arabians